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Industry Research of SINOFUJI: The Function of Overhead Line Cover and Its Application Field

The Overhead Line Cover (in the informal name of Snap-on Insulation Sheath or Snap-on Insulation Jacket or Buckle-Type Insulating Sheath Sealing Device or Snap-on insulation shield tube) is mainly used for the insulation protection of the bare wire of the empty frame, with reliable performance and convenient installation. Since it was put into the market, it has been widely used in the insulation protection of electric railway and power grid bare wire. The electrical performance of the Overhead Line Cover is safe and reliable, easy to install. It is widely used for insulation protection in places such as trees, obstacles, and reinforced insulation protection. Therefore, insulation sleeves, composite Insulation Tape, Waterproof Tape, and high\low voltage insulation tape are gradually replaced.

The Overhead Line Cover adopts a double hook design, which is firmly installed and prevents falling off. The Overhead Line Cover can be directly used for all power networks from 1kV to 36kV, direct insulation protection of electric railways and 66KV, 110KV, 220KV auxiliary insulation protection, It can also be used as warning protection such as height limit and pull line. Uniquely designed handheld steel wheel installation tool, durable and labor-saving.
Features of Overhead Line Cover:
1. The Overhead Line Cover is simple and quick to install, without any tools, just snap the two ends together to complete the installation.
2. The buckle-type creepage-increasing edge is arranged in the Overhead Line Cover, which increases the creepage distance and firmly combines the two ends of the product to further improve the insulation performance.
3. The Overhead Line Cover is coated with a waterproof tape in the snap groove, which will further enhance the pressure resistance and tightness of its products.

The main application areas of the Overhead Line Cover:
1.The Overhead Line Cover is used in the overhead lines of the electrified railway system to improve its insulation performance, prevent short-circuit accidents, and effectively protect the insulation protection problems of overhead bare wires and power transmission busbars.
2. Overhead lines in railway tunnels, due to the large amount of water vapor generated when the train passes through the tunnel, it is not easy to emit in the tunnel and cause a short circuit. In addition, the above-mentioned accidents may also occur due to the external weather.
3. When the empty overhead line of the power grid passes through a densely branched area, it is very likely that the branch will fall on the line and cause a short circuit. The Solution is recommend by SINOFUJI, As long as the Overhead Line Cover is installed on this line section, the problem will be solved.
4. Due to electrical railway design reasons or after a period of time of operation, the insulation performance of the transmission pillars deteriorates, which brings some safety hazards to the safety of railway operation. Therefore, some necessary insulation protection devices must be added to the insulators, and the Overhead Line Cover Can fully meet their needs.
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