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  • SINOFUJI Bushing Cover for Electrical Connections
    SINOFUJI Bushing Cover for Electrical Connections
  • SINOFUJI Bushing Cover for Transformer
    SINOFUJI Bushing Cover for Transformer
  • SINOFUJI Bushing Cover for Electrical Clamps
    SINOFUJI Bushing Cover for Electrical Clamps
  • SINOFUJI Bushing Cover for Busbar
    SINOFUJI Bushing Cover for Busbar
  • SINOFUJI Bushing Cover for Switches
    SINOFUJI Bushing Cover for Switches
  • SINOFUJI Bushing Cover For Surge Arrester
    SINOFUJI Bushing Cover For Surge Arrester
  • SINOFUJI Transformer Protection Sheath
    SINOFUJI Transformer Protection Sheath
  • SINOFUJI Silicone Rubber Electrical Insulation Cover
    SINOFUJI Silicone Rubber Electrical Insulation Cover
  • High Voltage Heat-Shrinkable Insulation Tape
    High Voltage Heat-Shrinkable Insulation Tape
  • Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape
    Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape


1. Historical background Shenzhen FUJI Electric Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as [SINOFUJI"), formerly a production workshop of CAS Applied Chemistry Material Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as CASAC) who was established on April 28, 1997, CASAC has been Committed to the manufacturing of electrical power safety protection products for 20 years, it has been devoted to becoming the best supplier of electrical safety protection materials in China. By virtue of such abundant production and technical experience, SINOFUJI is legally registered in Shenzhen on September 22nd, 2017. 2. SDGS Contribution The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) is a set of goals aimed at achieving economic growth while solving social and environmental problems. SINOFUJI's corporate philosophy and management policy and all business are consistent with SDGS. We are committed to contributing to the realization of a sustainable society by exercising our corporate philosophy, and in accordance with this commitment, we have formulated the SINOFUJI Code of Conduct as a specific guide for employee actions. By promoting business activities based on this code of conduct, our overall goal is to achieve sustainable growth of the company while actively responding to SDG's goals and specifications. 3. Technical R&D The Chinese Academy of Sciences (abbreviated as CAS) was established in Nov. of 1949 as the highest academic institution, the highest consulting institution and the most comprehensive R&D center for natural science technology in whole China. One affiliated organization of CAS, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of CAS (abbreviated as CIAC) is a multidisciplinary chemistry institute, comprising 12 laboratories and units that conduct basic and applied research and high-tech innovation in polymer sciences, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry and physical chemistry. Currently, CIAC`s research focuses on resources and the environment, advanced materials, as well as new and renewable resources of energy. The strategic goal of CIAC is to become a first-class comprehensive chemical institute and an innovation center in the fields of polymer and rare earth materials while achieving worldwide recognition. SINOFUJI`s parent company, CASAC, was established by virtue of technology and expert talents within the framework of the CAS. CASAC has a team of hundreds of expert consultants, it also has more than 100 applied researches on national patented technology with its developed products serve all fields of society. 4. Brand Identification The Graphic Logo of SINOFUJI contains a dragon and a phoenix. The dragon is a symbol of power, nobility, honor and success in traditional Chinese culture, so the emperor in ancient china is described as the incarnation of the dragon. However, the phoenix is regarded as a god bird and worship. The phoenix also symbolizes sacred virtues, luck and peace, thus to become the honorable expression for the queen in ancient china. Not only that, SINOFUJI's Graphic LOGO also contains a Chinese character ""and a Chinese character of "" the original meaning of the first character is protection and blessing and the second character stands for meaning of excellence and fortune, The Chinese pinyin of the first character is "FU", and the Chinese pinyin of the second character is "JI", so the letter Logo is coming from "SINO" combining "FUJI".At the same time, it also shows that SINOFUJI from China has the determination to achieve its business oath of "Safty at SINOFUJI. In conclusion, our brand design expresses SINOFUJI's desire to provide security for customers and society. As an expert in the field of electrical safety protection and a pioneer in cutting-edge application of chemical technology, we provide problem-oriented products and services to meet customer needs in the contribution to build a responsible and sustainable society. 5. The Business Oath of SINOFUJI The business oath of SINOFUJI is "Safety At SINOFUJI", That is to say "Stay with SINOFUJI, Stay with Safety". It is determined that let SINOFUJI become the bridge connecting its industry and the world and let Fuji help all resources of the domestic industry to share with the world. SINOFUJI must and has to be able to become a world-class expert in the field of electrical and power safety protection by having confidence in understanding and exploring the professional needs of customers, thus to provide cost-effective solutions and corresponding high-quality products with professional services. 6. Corporate Culture Corporate Vision: To build an international enterprise that is respected by society and contributed with more employees with wealth and happiness! Our Mission: To continuously promote international cooperation. To continuously improve global customer`s satisfaction. To continuously exceed safety and environmental standards. Corporate Value: Mindfulness, Win-Win, Gratitude, Dedication Entrepreneurial Spirit: Let Employees, Shareholders, Society and the Country Achieve a Win-Win Situation! Core Competitiveness: Eager for Learning, Contribute Aggressively, Act Bravely, Stick to Development.
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    It is a Chinese brand established in 1997.
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    Our Factory Have More Than 200 Employees.
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    More Than 3000 Square Meters Technical R&D Building.
  • The Overhead Line Cover (in the informal name of Snap-on Insulation Sheath or Snap-on Insulation Jacket or Buckle-Type Insulating Sheath Sealing Device or Snap-on insulation shield tube) is mainly used for the insulation protection of the bare wire of the empty frame, with reliable performance and convenient installation. Since it was put into the market, it has been widely used in the insulation protection of electric railway and power grid bare wire. The electrical performance of the Overhead Line Cover is safe and reliable, easy to install. It is widely used for insulation protection in places such as trees, obstacles, and reinforced insulation protection. Therefore, insulation sleeves, composite insulation tape, waterproof tape, and high\low voltage insulation tape are gradually replaced. The Overhead Line Cover adopts a double hook design, which is firmly installed and prevents falling off. The Overhead Line Cover can be directly used for all power networks from 1kV to 36kV, direct insulation protection of electric railways and 66KV, 110KV, 220KV auxiliary insulation protection, It can also be used as warning protection such as height limit and pull line. Uniquely designed handheld steel wheel installation tool, durable and labor-saving. Features of Overhead Line Cover: 1. The Overhead Line Cover is simple and quick to install, without any tools, just snap the two ends together to complete the installation. 2. The buckle-type creepage-increasing edge is arranged in the Overhead Line Cover, which increases the creepage distance and firmly combines the two ends of the product to further improve the insulation performance. 3. The Overhead Line Cover is coated with a waterproof tape in the snap groove, which will further enhance the pressure resistance and tightness of its products.
    2020-10 13
  • As a new type of renewable energy, solar energy is being widely promoted and applied. It is now generally used to provide energy for power generation and water heaters. Solar Power panels are the main power generation device that can be made into different shapes, and components can be connected to generate more energy. In a Solar Power power station, cables and connectors must be used to gather the power of a large number of components into the inverter.Solar Power connectors are the key parts for interconnecting components in power generation systems, combiner boxes, controllers and inverters. However, Solar Power systems are exposed to wind, rain, scorching sun and extreme temperature changes for a long time. Connectors must be able to adapt to these harsh environments.They must not only be waterproof, high temperature resistant and weather resistant to ultraviolet rays, but also touch protection, high current carrying capacity and high efficiency. At the same time, low contact resistance is also an important consideration. Solar Power connector molded bushing cover is a new product designed and developed by SINOFUJI for Solar Power connectors. The SINOFUJI bushing cover is cross-linked by irradiation and has the characteristics of insulation, waterproof, flame retardant, high temperature resistance and UV resistance. It mainly prevents the connection of the Solar Power connector from loosening and sparking and igniting the surrounding materials.
    2020-09 17
  • CASAC, The Parent Company SINOFUJI is going to participate the 18th SiChuan International Electric Power Industry Expo. Date: 15th, Septemper to 17th, September Venue: Chengdu International Convention and Exhibition Center of New Century City Booth No. E65 1. Background Information: At present, China's power industry is facing rare historical opportunities, the adjustment of energy structure, air pollution control, and the transformation of terminal energy use methods have injected new vitality into the transformation and upgrading of power development etc. The application of emerging technologies and solutions such as intelligence, 5G, and blockchain has given new momentum to the high-quality development of the power industry, Further more, the power market reform with competition in the power sales market as the core, which provides continuous driving force for the rapid development of the power industry. As the country`s largest clean energy base, the [West-to-East Power Transmission" base, and the western economic highland, Sichuan will build a [5+1" modern industrial system, orderly promote the development of hydropower, wind power, solar and other resources, and promote hydropower consumption, and accelerate construction An important national high-quality clean energy base, and strive to exceed 1 trillion yuan in the scale of the energy and chemical industry by 2022. In order to promote the high-quality development of the electric power industry and help enterprises to explore the Sichuan and western markets, the 18th Sichuan International Elect
    2020-09 03
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